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Home Automation + Control

Create a seamless and sophisticated home automation experience by integrating smart devices, providing convenience, safety, and enjoyment to your daily life.

Professional AV Solutions

Share your brand’s unique messaging through eye-catching visuals, high-end audio systems, custom integration solutions, and crystal clear communication devices.

Why Kayder?

Welcome to Kayder, an award-winning home automation specialist in Sydney. We excel in crafting and integrating the pinnacle of automation technologies and security solutions into your residence and workplace, elevating your living and working environments to unparalleled heights. At Kayder, we perceive technology not merely as a tool but as the cornerstone of a more streamlined, simplified, and enriched lifestyle.

Create an elegant home lighting design through seamless control that easily strikes the mood for any moment.

Experience supreme control over all your technology, effortlessly managed from your preferred device, whether at home or on the move, courtesy of our home automation specialists.

Summon your favourite melodies with a simple button press, resonating through a series of strategically and discreetly placed speakers throughout your property in the Eastern Suburbs, Sutherland Shire or surrounding Sydney area, are all part of our professional audio-video installation services.

Craft a more comfortable and secure living environment with high-precision shades, blinds and drapes you open and close with a simple button press or automatically based on the position of the sun.

Full access to all your video and audio content from a touchscreen, dedicated tablet or keypad.

Seamlessly manage all the technology and security solutions in your Sydney establishment through advanced touchpads, tablets, and keypads, embodying the pinnacle of modern convenience and safety.

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